Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Service Prices

Our Service Prices For Emergency Roadside are as follows;


In Duplin County Service calls
9AM-5PM $55.00 (Day Business Hours)
5PM-9AM $65.00 (Night Hours)

Cars pulled from Ditches, mud or snow vary in Prices.

Out of County calls
9AM-5PM $65.00 (Day Business Hours) Plus 1.00 a Mile
5PM-9AM $75.00 (Night Hours) Plus 1.00 a Mile

Cars pulled from Ditches, mud or snow very in Prices. Plus the 1.00 a mile travel cost.

Any calls over one Hour in time is an additional $10.00
an Hour Labor Charges.

Services Offered

Services we offer are;

Emergency Roadside Services we offer:
Call 919-273-9815

Tire Changes(Flats)
Jump starts
Battery Changes(Dead To New)
Out Of Gas (Fuel Runs)
Car Lock Out Services
Car in Ditch removal
Car stuck in mud or snow removal
Towing to safety services

***More will be added in the future as we become bigger***


Junk Car Removal;

***We will come out and remove junk cars at no cost or payment to the customer.***
***NOTE: Cars must have all four tires on it with air in them to move.***

Call 919-273-9815 for Removal Services


Public Handyman Services;

***We have added a Public Handyman Service to the business in the Summer of 2005***

Services we can offer.....but not limited too.
Call us at 919-273-9815 for services questions or quotes.

Lawn Cutting
junk Removal
House and Garage clean outs
Power washing
Pet Care


Bike Repairs;

*** We Also Have a Bicycle repair shop for all bike repairs.***

call 919-273-9815 for quotes

Welcome -- How We Started


Biography of the Company:

CEO Joseph N. founded Joe's Radar Recovery in year 1996 in Florida.
The Company is for use of the Public in Emergency Roadside cases to be helped back into transit or towed to a destination of choice or closest mechanic. Also some small on road services offered, as they're needed. We are located now in Duplin County, North Carolina.
"We hope to be of service to you in times of need".

Also later in the year 2000, We linked a Bike Repairs Business to its name.
Then later in the year 2005, We linked a Handyman Services, Business to its name.